Be part of our Bipolar Peer to Peer insight education group; to empower your intellectual, artistic, and social abilities.

BIPOLAR BUDDIES are bringing HOPE to Watertown, NY!  “Right now our Bipolar Community has a chance of a lifetime to organize itself and become a social-economic powerhouse in this region. The North Country is in dire need of artists and super thinkers to bring new ideas to life – for innovating; the mental well-being community.” B-Rad


Dedicated to bringing compassionate awareness to depression and bipolar disorder.

Dedicated to inspiring people not let their life story end by suicide.

A Buddhist Way of kicking addiction in the ass!

Dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury, and suicide.

Recognizing Bipolar Worldwide on March 30th.

Mood disorder buddy system campaign.

Because, our life matters to someone.

OUR FOCUS – Bipolar Buddies are dedicated to the idea that our peers do not need to suffer because of the lack of peer support in the community. Therefore its our purpose to bring needed support groups to life for the cause of caring about Bipolar Peers in need.