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Bipolar Buddies Project


Where to begin from here?

Let’s talk about depression and bipolar disorder in the North Country. is dedicated to the idea that the bipolar community is made up of intellectuals, artists’, thinkers, and doers.

The struggle many of us face is not having a central educational community; dedicated to helping us understand what exactly is bipolar disorder, and how can we use it to our advantage? How can we make bipolar disorder doable?

One of the greatest experiences of bringing this project together, is asking people if they know anyone who is bipolar? The reaction is almost always O MY GOD, YES! I can’t help but laugh because of the shock factor someone even asked.

Happy thoughts and hope are in the making here to support bringing awareness and compassionate understanding about depression and bipolar disorder in the North Country. We have a mission here in Watertown NY, to bring Rebecca’s Dream to life and inspire a new approach to making bipolar disorder doable. provides an educational website we aim to promote as the support that keeps us guided. To continue your work of helping others understand the diseases of depression and bipolar disorder. To continue to teach and promote awareness and compassionate understanding of those in need.

PHASE 1 MAKE SPACE at this time we are seeking a location where we can provide support groups for bipolar peers and for loved ones of bipolar peers. The intention is so that we can establish an official DBSAlliance group in Watertown NY, to maximize the awareness that support for depression and bipolar is here.

PIMP YOUR SPACE. I cannot think of a bipolar peer who does not already have, or might need a “ZEN ZONE” or “HAPPY PLACE” where they can unleash their creativity from. We are asking peers to get involved and share their ideas for making MAKING SIT HAPPEN by creating vision boards to share your projects.

EX. I’m into Bucket drumming, Buddhist meditation and making meditation benches, UberScootin, Creative Thinking, and working on MAKING SIT HAPPEN! I need help with becoming a blogger, YouTuber, working on WordPress design, and video/audio production. On the fly, maintain recovery, med management, journaling, and caution of new associations. Oh, and I have a MaineCoon Cat in need of a Lion haircut. Main Skill: Cleaning and organizing the most disorganized house, garage, basement, or property.