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Quest of the Bipolar Buddies

Welcome to where HOPE IS HERE!

My name is B-RAD. I am the brainiac behind the idea to organize our Bipolar Community here in Jefferson County NY, and I am seeking others to join me on this quest.

It’s my objective to focus on the positives of having a bipolar diagnosis and bringing together new types of support groups that focus on the intellectual and artistic abilities of our bipolar community.

Right now our Bipolar Community has a chance of a lifetime to organize itself and become a social-economic powerhouse in this region. The North Country is in dire need of artists and super thinkers to bring new ideas to life – for innovating; the mental well-being community.

As we approach the year 2021, the COVID 19 crisis is going to stay right on our heels as we try to reach that state of what we knew as NORMAL.

The reality is NORMAL is not coming back, and we have to address that fact. This is what we Bipolars are best at! We realize there is no such thing as NORMAL – and we are used to learning how to mentally adapt.

Bipolar Buddies are a 100% peer to peer support community, dedicated to the idea that we are the caretakers of our people. It is up to us to take care of each other; so that we can take care of others in need of peer support and HOPE!


Nobody else is coming to save us, it’s just us!

For example: if it wasn’t for the peer support I get from close friends, counselors, and community-based support groups here in Watertown NY, this project would not exist! It’d just be an idea in my head.

For me, getting on the right Bipolar and ADHD medication has changed my life. This is a sensitive subject, but recovery from alcohol and drugs is key to managing bipolar disorder, yet many of us just lack that purpose to embrace a sober lifestyle and take our meds! Ahhhh

Bipolar Buddies have a plan! We understand the struggle to maintain medication management and remain alcohol and drug-free. Without a healthy peer support system and a clear purpose to live a sober lifestyle – we are at high risk of getting in trouble, harming ourselves or others or the number one danger to the bipolar community is SUICIDE.

Bipolar Buddies need to organize and uphold a strong peer support community, which reflects all of the possibilities that can be accomplished, by embracing recovery and medication management.

Bipolar Buddies is being developed by people who have survived! If you are Bipolar and still alive GOD BLESS YOU! Many of us have fucked our lives up so badly; we think there is no hope for us. That’s not true!

Meeting people where they are at in life and accepting all their faults is essential to establishing a true peer support community. So here we are..

March 30th, 2021, is World Bipolar Day. We will be the first group ever in the history of the North Country to celebrate this day with action!

This is the intended launch date of our new interactive website and the intended opening of our future Bipolar Buddies Clubhouse. These are big dreams and ideas waiting to happen!

So there, we have structure and focus. So in the meantime, I need Bipolar Buddies to help me bring this all together. It will be fun simply because we are playing with an idea intended to be flexible that can include everyone’s interest.

Many of us have mad skills that have never been used before towards a good cause. This is an opportunity of a lifetime for people who feel like they’ve lost their purpose or reason for being needed. If anything this is a great chance to get out of isolation and meet new peers who recognize the shared need for a bipolar peer support community.

Before wrapping this up, let me share a summary of the rat park theory and how it will help us help others. Rat Park Theory proves a rat cannot survive alone in a box with regular water vs. heroin laced water. The rat alone will almost always choose the heroin laced water, not because of its addictive nature as a drug, but because the rat is lacking connection with a community; and will seek out an alternative purpose.

A sad truth. Watertown NY is coined the drunkest City in New York State. Why is this? The answer is simple. People lack a healthy purpose!

Bipolar Buddies want to do new stuff that is driven towards having a healthy purpose. And it’s up to me to make that happen by finding YOU and others who will help support the cause of making bipolar disorder doable. How do you learn more or get involved? Pick up the phone and call 315 767-4019. It will be me on the other end ready to listen and share ideas.

So with that said BIPOLAR BUDDIES, HOPE IS HERE and I’m here waiting to hear from you!